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Galerie Gilles Peyroulet may not sell to you this artwork, Sachtleben VIII, 1990 Galerie Peyroulet & Cie, Paris
Werk Oberrhein, 1988 Bosslet Werk Niederrhein, 1988 Bosslet Datenbank für freie, Kuratoren, Berater, Textautoren und Redner im Bereich Bildende Kunst
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last known wehreabout of the works:
Universal II, 1991
Galerie Gilles Peyroulet, Paris

last known wehreabout of the work:
Restrisiko II, 1989
Anmassend II, 1987
Werk Niederrhein, 1988
Werk Oberrhein, 1988

Karl Bornstein, Santa Monica, CA, USA or The Mirage Fund, Fimberg & Wiliams L.P.
Mr. Ralf Wiliams, 9777 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 710, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, USA

born in 1953 at Speyer, Germany, lives in Dresden.

since 1979 - sidespecific and architecture integrating works as sculpture, installation and painting for in- and outdoor.

1980 - Codirector of the artistspace "MOPEDS" in Berlin/Kreuzberg.
1981 - Cofounder of the artistgroup "Material & Effect", Berlin (Material & Wirkung); Curating and management of non conventional artshows.)

since 1997 - Professor for sculpture and space concepts at the art accademy - Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden, Germany

Development of Works since 1979/chronological

- Self-referencial works in word and writing-form of painting,
photography, wall drwaings and plates.
- Site specific interior work with wall drawings and plates;

- since 1979: sculptures and installations with electric light and electric steering

- Performance "Per-/Re-ception" (Wahr-nehmen) in a hall in an
industrial yard in Speyer,Germany, using electric installation,
electric light, zinc sulfide (phosphorus), photographic details
of existing situations in the hall projected in color or
black-and-white negative slides on the situations themselves.

- Wood panels coated with colored varnish and variably arranged
in layers;
- Broken glas and acrylic panes, partially with colored coating
(see catalogue "PLANEN" edited in 1995 by Heilbronner Kunstverein).

- BROKEN GLAS PANES, site specific and installation works
with partially colored-coated broken glass, acrylic panes and
flexible PVC scheets indoors and outdoors.(see catalogue "PLANEN"
edited in 1995 by Heilbronner Kunstverein).

- Works with roadway markings and roadblocks.
- Co-director with Markus Fink of the exhibition space entitled
"MOPEDS" located in a storefront on Oranienstrasse in Berlin
Kreuzberg, Germany

- Establishment of the association "Material & Wirkung"
(Material and Effects) in Berlin. Co-Founders BKH Gutmann,
Otmar Sattel and Werner Klotz; manifest in form of articles
of association. (see catalogue EBERHARD BOSSLET
"Ãffentliche Ordnung" edited in 1994 by Kunstverein Speyer, p.75 and Material &Wirkung,
Kunsthaus Dresden 1998)

- "Mobilien & Immobilien" (Movables and Immovables)- a series of
photos produced with a painted motor scooter and colored house
facades. Tenerife/Canary Islandes.
- "Mobiliar " (Furniture ). Photos of interior designs in which the backgrounds and
objects were painted

since 1982
- series of color photography´s at the canary islands, Spain. Urban exploration
so called âscrap metal and sunâ. Abandoned cars in southern landscape.

- " Stand der Dinge" (Status Quo). Photos
of interior designs in which the backgrounds and objects were
painted.(see catalogue of the Pfalzgalerie Kaiserslautern 1985)


- Works of rubble at a waste dump.

- Works with ruins, socalled "Re/formations and side effects",
here stabilization and destabilization of perception of
conditions of industrial and residential buildings by white
painted lines or black painted color fields. (see catalogs of
the Fundación Miró, Barcelona 1985, Heidelberger Kunstverein 1987
and Sprengel Museum Hannover 1995)

-since 1985, SUPPORTING MEASURES, Indoor, space related works with
items of the building trade, socalled "Supporting measures",
here new arrangement of space, apparent stabilization and
destabilization of the building material and the space itself,
by building in structural bodies.(see catalogs of the
Wilhelm-Lehmbruck-Museum 1986, Heidelberger Kunstverein 1987,
Nationalgalerie Berlin 1989 and Sprengel Museum Hannover 1995)
MODULAR STRUCTURES, free standing sculptures made of
items of the building trade.

- "BASEMENTS" low, floorplan-like sculptures with concretblocks
and copperpipe or bricks and copperpipe.

- Sculptures of FILING CABINETS, wood, steel strips. Tension and
pressure keeps the new order of components stable. (see catalogs
of the Nationalgalerie Berlin 1989 and Neue Möbel für die Villa
(New furniture for the Villa) of the Städtische Galerie Esslingen,
Villa Merkel, 1994)

- PAINTING/Pictureworks: each form complex has its own color and
paint material; the "facade ground" is a significant visible
component and is of equal valueas the variables "form, color and
paint material" (see catalogue of the Heidelberger Kunstverein 1987).

since 1989 - TAPESTRY of industrial textiles with no "ground" due
to the color-form-material complexes sewed up next to each other.
Wall fixtures varying in type and shape have a supporting and
visual function. (see catalogue "PLANEN" edited in 1995 by
Heilbronner Kunstverein)

since 1989 - Project drawings for planned sculptures and
installations, computer generated using a pixel oriented program,
and printed with a 24 needle printer. ( see catalogue Eberhard
Bosslet, Prospekt Installierter Werke, Material & Wirkung e.V.
1992 und 1995 ).

since 1989 - PNEUMATIC PIECES Free standing works with hydraulically
or pneumatically driven lifting devices for inside; "contraptions"
made of items from industrial and domestic parts. (see catalogs
of the Sala Uno Rome 1993, Kunstverein Speyer 1994 and Sprengel
Museum Hannover 1995, Material&Wirkung,Kunsthaus Dresden 1998)

since 1989 - PNEUMATIC INSTALLATIONS Installed works with
hydraulically or pneumatically driven lifting devices for inside
and outside; "contraptions" made of items from industrial and
domestic parts. (see catalogs of the Kunsthal Rotterdam 1993,
Sala Uno Rome 1993, Kunstverein Düsseldorf 1993 and Sprengel
Museum Hannover 1995, Material&Wirkung, Kunsthaus Dresden 1998)

- "Bilaterale Beziehungen" (Bilateral relations);
"SCREENS" - Lattice structures of rubber or polyurethane mounted
on both sides of a wall. Anchor bars inserted in holes in the
walls, helical pressure springs, and anchor nuts have a visual
function and hold the parts together.
- "GLORIOLEN" - cast reliefs mounted on both sides of a wall.
Using the same principle as in "SCREENS", the cast reliefs are
held together through anchor bars, helical pressure springs and
anchor nuts that also have a visual function.

since 1995 - "BARRIEREN" - (Barriers) foundation-like, kneehigh
constructions in concrete and steel re-enforcement made on site,
designed for the dimensions of the space, and blocking the evident
path through the room. (see catalogue of the Sprengel Museum
Hannover 1995, Material & Wirkung, Kunsthaus Dresden 1998)

1998-2001 spacelabs made out of living room lights from the 50-70ths are
hanging from the ceiling.

since 2000: ANALOGIC DISCs- Paintings Trampolins are the support.
The support is a constructive and visual part of the appearance.
The support, the form, the material and the color are different and they
are piled on each other.
Anmasend II , documenta 8, 1987 ---- Restrisiko, Santa Monica, Karl Bornstein, 1989 Impressum Eberhard Bosslet